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In our years of experience, you could say we’ve seen a lot. So while a few times each year something new and truly weird prevents us from saying “We’ve seen it all!”, sit down, grab a cup of coffee and let us share some of our experience for the good of your home.

  • Vinyl Siding by Lang Home Exteriors

Vinyl Siding: The Crowd Favorite

Vinyl Siding is the most popular choice among the majority of Chicago homeowners for its blend of affordability, durability and styling options. But know that vinyl siding products vary considerably in quality, and cheap (thin) vinyl can and will bow, [...]

Roofing Systems: Getting Your Roof Warranty

A huge hail storm hits Chicago 21 years into your 25–year warrantied roof. But your roofing company thought it would be a good idea to save $50 by using cheaper off-brand fasteners, so the manufacturer denies your warranty claim. Seriously? [...]