No matter where you are in the process of selling your home, you know that it’s a task that comes with innumerable considerations. Should you update the house or leave it mostly as is? Which upgrades will make it easier to sell your home? Sell your property by owner or use a realtor? Many home-sellers wonder “should I install a new roof if I’m planning to move anyways?” If you recognize any of these 7 Signs It’s Time for a New Roof, you know it’s time for an upgrade. But you’re planning to sell your house soon, so what would be the point? A roof is a long-term investment; should that be the new owner’s responsibility?

Even if you are planning to sell soon, replacing your roof affords five significant benefits to you, the home-seller. Read through these before you decide to just stick with your old or deteriorating roof making it the new homeowner’s problem.

1. Net a Higher Selling Price

Not only is a home with a high-quality roof more attractive to a prospective buyer, but it will also net a higher selling price. Value Report looked at similar updates homeowners invest in before selling, such as the installation of a backup generator or a new bathroom, and in terms of ROI, purchasing a new roof is the winner.

2. Improve Curb Appeal

While many prospective buyers may not specifically notice the roof, the state of it can cast the entire home in a good or bad light. A new roof will portray that your house as a whole has been cared for, is safe, and has curb appeal. A house that looks good on the outside suggests that both the interior and the exterior have been well-maintained, letting the prospective buyer know that your home is one that they should consider viewing.

“Curb appeal” is a term you often hear on HGTV, and it’s no joke to experts in the industry. When polled, 94% of realtors said they tell their homeowners to prioritize their home’s curb appeal before they even list it, and 99% said they believe curb appeal is among the most important elements to attracting home buyers.

3. Attract the “Turnkey” Buyer

It’s a trend that is being noticed more and more in the real estate industry. With long work weeks, demanding schedules, and familial commitments, prospective homeowners are no longer as interested in DIY housing projects or in purchasing a house that needs a lot of work to make a home livable. A “turnkey home” is one that is fully move-in ready, requiring no major repairs or improvements to make it a great living space.

Housing investments have been skyrocketing in recent years with the booming popularity of travel and Airbnb rentals. A turnkey home that requires no major work can attract an investor for the appeal of being able to rent it out immediately and start cashing in on their investment.

4. Protect Yourself from the Lowball Buyer

The last thing you want when you are selling your home is to attract the low-ball buyer. By contrast to those interested in purchasing a turnkey home, there are buyers who are seeking a lucrative investment in accumulating rental properties or those who want to “flip” homes for profit.

A home that is for sale but has an exterior that has not been maintained, whether that be an old roof, damaged siding, or poorly maintained gutters, can attract someone who is unwilling to pay the true value of your home. If your home looks like a fixer-upper, you will be attracting the buyer looking for a good deal. This investor will see an outdated home or one that lacks that ever-important curb appeal, making your property a prime candidate for the “lowball” offer.

5. Add Value That Easily Transfers to the Next Owner

As mentioned in the previous point, you can expect to impact your selling price with the upgrade of a new roof. However, an added selling point is that if you also purchase an extended warranty, this will add to the marketability of the home you are selling. Extended warranties like the ones we are able to offer as preferred roof installers are transferable.


Selling a home can be stressful, but having professional help that facilitates your home looking its best can ease the worry and make the process easier. Learn more about installing a new roof on your home and how it can benefit your bottom line by reaching out to our team. When replacing your roof, be sure to consider the extended warranties we offer.

Our Exteriors Specialists will be happy to assist you in the worthwhile process of upgrading your roof. Estimates are always free through Lang Home Exteriors, and we treat every project as if we were working on our own homes. Ready to improve the value of your home, pump up your curb appeal, and entice prospective buyers with a reliable investment? Contact us today to learn more and get started!