The following warranty is in addition to the manufacturer’s product warranty.

  • Lang Home Exteriors, Inc. hereby declares that all labor associated with an installed exterior product or system will be free from defects that result in leakage for a period of five (5) years starting on the date of completion.
  • Any leaks that are deemed the result of faulty installation by Lang Home Exteriors, Inc. will be remedied at no charge to the homeowner. Upon notification of leak or defect, Lang Home Exteriors, Inc. will inspect the work. If it is found to be a defect in the workmanship, all necessary repairs will be made at the expense of Lang Home Exteriors, Inc.
  • Nothing in this warranty shall construe liability to Lang Home Exteriors, Inc. for defects or failure of installed material products as covered in the manufacturer’s product warranty.
  • Nor shall the labor necessary to reinstall due to complete failure of materials be the responsibility of Lang Home Exteriors, Inc.

The Limited Workmanship Warranty does not cover:

  • Matters relating to the installation of any exterior product where the original installation was not performed by Lang Home Exteriors, Inc.
  • Damage caused by building structural failures such as; roof substrate and trusses, wall systems, brick or motor elements, faulty chimneys & chimney chases.
  • Any addition or alteration that negatively affects the installation including but not limited to: utility installs (i.e., antenna, satellite dish, HVAC systems, décor, etc.), additions to structure, or any penetration to the roofing system or siding caused by construction or installations added after completion.
  • Naturally-occurring phenomena caused damages such as: lightening, fire, insect infestation, earthquake, tornado, hail, sleet, hurricanes, ice dams, winds with peak gusts exceeding manufacturer’s warranty specifications.
  • Damages caused by cleaning chemicals, acids, or any product that is harmful to the installed materials including but not limited to pressure washers using air or water under pressure.
  • This guarantee is warranted to the original purchaser and is non-transferrable.
  • The five-year limited workmanship warranty will take effect once the contractual agreement plus any unforeseen replacements (i.e., decking, lumber, etc.) have been paid in full.

Lang Home Exteriors, Inc. takes every precaution and utilizes professional industry standard techniques. Trained, licensed, insured professional crews endeavor to install products the right way, the first time.