Vinyl Siding is the most popular choice among the majority of Chicago homeowners for its blend of affordability, durability and styling options. But know that vinyl siding products vary considerably in quality, and cheap (thin) vinyl can and will bow, warp, or crack in just a few years. We not only install thicker types of vinyl, but offer options to give the siding more structure and support.

Bill Says...

“What’s important here are the lengths of the longest sections of the house. The longer the length, the thicker the panel should be. Vinyl siding can look a bit wavy if the longer panels aren’t thick enough. Most vinyl siding panels are 12’ long, some come in 16’ lengths to reduce the number of seams. Typically I’d suggest “Better or Best” of grade only. The (.040″ – .042″) panel is below my comfort level for durability and therefor, not offered in most situations. Good (.040-.042 mill), Better (.044-.046), Best (.048-Insulated) aka: Thin, Thick, Thicker.”

Vinyl siding comes in 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″ & 7″ widths. Profile choices are “Traditional Lap”, “Dutch-Lap”, “Board & Batten” and a variety of styles of ‘Enhancement’ siding, like Shake or Scalloped designs. We have found that Enhancement siding looks best when installed within the gables on most homes. For Victorian or Historic-style homes, any combination of Wood Shake, Scallop siding & trim opens up endless design possibilities.

Common Questions

Will the color fade? All Siding color fades. That’s a fact. But does the color fade evenly – that’s the question. We will recommend the vinyl brands and products that have already withstood the test of time to get you the longest-lasting value.

Does the vinyl thickness between 0.040” and 0.048” make a difference? Absolutely! It is always important to know the vinyl thickness being installed on your house. The thicker the vinyl product, the more rigid it becomes. Thicker vinyl is more likely to lay flat on a wall and less likely to buckle or “wave” under normal conditions. We recommend a minimum of .044” thickness. Vinyl Siding with a thickness between .040” & .042” can be cut with any school craft scissors. Vinyl siding that is .044” thick requires stronger kitchen/appliance scissors to cut. .046” requires metal shear cutters. .048” requires a power saw to cut.

What is the wind warranty? Great question. Our recommended brands have a wind warranty from 160 mph up to 240 mph. Even with our Chicago storms, you’re good to go.

We have installed vinyl siding on thousands of homes in the Chicagoland area. For product design & color options, speak with one of our siding specialists today!