Proper drainage is essential for a roof to function properly. Working gutters guide water away from your foundation to prevent flooding, and prevent ice buildup in the winter. If gutters are clogged or dented in a way that obstructs the flow of water, they will overflow and be useless. A well-working drainage system will extend the life of your roof, fascia, siding, landscaping, and foundation. We ensure a perfect fit around each corner and feature of your home, and secure downspouts in the most sensible positions to keep them from being too noticeable.

Aluminum soffit and fascia is entirely maintenance free and adds curb appeal to your home. Enhancement products add charm and character to otherwise unnoticeable areas of your home, and will surely catch the eyes of passersby.

Soffit & Gutters

How would you like to never clean your gutters again? We have a good – better – best selection of products to choose from that are tailored to fit your budget. ! Our premium product, LeafRelief, is constructed from aluminum sheeting and perforated to allow water to pass through. A rubber flange tucks up underneath the shingles to ensure a secure fit. The front edge of the leaf-guard snaps into the gutter and is then secured using hex screws. This method of securing the leaf-guard is far better than most of the “snap-in” kinds that warp in the changing temperatures and pop out.

When installed correctly, leaf-guard is not visible from the ground. It maintains a clean profile from the ridge of the gutter to the underside of the shingles so that leaves and debris can be blown off by a gentle breeze. Special measures are taken to fit corners, especially in the valleys, to maintain water flow in key areas of the roof. ! As for the performance of Leaf Relief, field testing (performed by the manufacturer of Leaf-Relief) demonstrated a flow rate through the gutter covering (when covered with wet leaves) of 19 inches of rainfall per hour over a 20 foot roof section. That’s more than 1.5 times more than the world record rainfall: Holt, Missouri – 12 inches in one hour!

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